Our Story

About Us

We provide a high quality hair integration service (adding natural looking hair to your remaining hair) as well as the KLeaf Series which are natural hair growth, strengthening and scalp care products.

Our Vision - The Future!

Our vision is to become the most trusted one stop shop for hair loss, hair growth and natural hair health needs.  We will do all the testing to save clients wasting their money on products that over promise but don't live up to expectations.  We acknowledge that not all products will work for every single person but we aim to provide products that have the highest success rate for most clients in a high customer satisfaction.

So, if you have a hair issue that you are desperately looking for solutions and have tried other products that haven't worked, tell us about it and if it looks like other clients might benefit from it we might work with a small number of select clients to find the right products world wide.

Early Days & Hair Integration

Established in 2017, in the north western suburb of Sydney (The Ponds), we also operate from Mascot which is also in Sydney.  Our hair integration clients are close to our hearts as we support them through different reasons for hair loss including Alopecia Areata (autoimmune disease), Telogen Effluvium (a reversible stress related condition and other medical conditions such as Trichotillomania.

After consulting the GP, clients come in for a free consultation where we mach the existing hair and then make a custom piece which when fitted looks very natural.

KLeaf Series Natural Hair Growth & Scalp Care Products

Although some clients wanted our hair integration clients we also received a lot of enquiries for products that can help to strengthen weak hairs, encourage faster growth and to resolve scalp issues such as itching and flaking.  It took 18 months of searching and testing before we finally discovered the KLeaf Series which was formulated in France and used successfully in Dubai and Malaysia so we have now introduced the much loved product to Australia.

The KLeaf natural hair growth shampoo, strengthening conditioner and scalp purifying exfoliator are very effective for clients with a strong need for hair health. An increasing number of clients are becoming aware of factors such as pollution, sun damage, scalp issues, hair thinning and hair loss. 

In response to those needs the KLeaf Series products use proven natural active ingredients to offer easy to observe benefits of maintaining hair health – including hair thickness, faster regrowth, damage repair, deep nourishment and other such categories gaining importance.