The Hair Growth Journey

Hair loss is a normal part of life, naturally it regrows. There are reasons however that this may not be the case and it's for these reasons we step in and create solutions. 

Your journey doesn't stop here. 

You can start proactive steps today through the use of natural products, that are organic, tried, tested and formulated with trusted hair and scalp products that have seen constant results. 

Here at Australia Hair Clinic we are journeying to pull together tried and tested products from around the globe to bring you an answer to the hair struggles so many face. 

Whether this be thinning, breakages, balding, dullness or scalp issues we have products that can bring a natural remedy to these things. 

Understand why. hair 

Make today your turning point

Hair Growth & Scalp Repair Ultimate Set by KLeaf
Hair Growth & Scalp Repair Ultimate Set by KLeaf
Hair Growth & Scalp Repair Ultimate Set by KLeaf
Hair Growth & Scalp Repair Ultimate Set by KLeaf

ASomeones genetics can be the main factor people are effected by hair loss, when this is the case hair thinning, shrinkage, weak hair shafts and the loss of hair follicles is almost inevitable. Although their isn't too many specific natural treatments to stop this process, it can be slowly countered through the use of products ensure no harm is done to the scalp, the maintenance of the hair strand itself and ensuring diet and lifestyle factors don't exacerbate it.

Stress although joked about quite literally does cause hair to fall out. This is often seasonal however, even the ability to have a product that gives you peace of mind about the situation helps incredibly. This increases the rate of dandruff build up and also the way we eat and how our digestive system works; meaning that our scalp doesn't receive the required nutrients. It is also increases the male hormone Androgen which has a negative effect toward hair growth. 

AHaving hormonal imbalances can cause many issues in the body, not only can it effect the skin, blood and the way our body reacts to the food we eat but it also changes the way hair grows. Estrogen seems to sustain hair growth and is why men tend to lose hair more prevalently than women.

AMedications seem to leave side effects that can cause imbalances in the body. Some of these treatments are:

               - Chemotherapy
               - thyroid medications
               - some oral contraceptives
               - beta-blockers
               - anticonvulsants
               - antidepressants
               - anticoagulants