Why is my scalp itchy... Getting rid of dandruff... How Scalp Exfoliation Works

So, you might have been using shampoos and conditioners consistently but still finding that they don't  fix your itchy scalp issues or dandruff issue.  Well, scalp exfoliators are the solution but what are they and how do they work?

What is a scalp exfoliator?

The scalp is an extremely neglected area of the head when it comes to hair care routines. The majority of individuals will assume that by washing their hair with Shampoos, conditioners and hair oils, that the scalp is well taken care of. However this is not the case!

Scalp exfoliators are essential when it comes to hair care routines as it is a part of the same system as our skin. This means the scalp should be washed, moisturised and exfoliated as one would do to their skin. The scalp overtime amasses build ups of dead skin and oils from hair care products and it is the exfoliators job to remove this in order to prevent flare-ups of seborrheic dermatitis (A chronic skin condition marked by red, greasy patches, itching or burning, and dandruff flakes.)

Who is it for/ who can use it?
The best part about scalp exfoliation is that almost anyone can use it! From males to females, adults and children alike, scalp exfoliation is the tool that is needed to take hair care to the next level. Experts recommend a thorough exfoliation of the scalp at least once a month for individuals who struggle with recurring dandruff. The buildup of dandruff and excess oils often leads to hair loss and hair thinning, therefore making scalp exfoliation the perfect candidate for those suffering from any symptoms of hair loss, the exfoliator is one of the key organic methods to combat such issues.

Now as with anything in life, there should be caution with products used on one's body, it should be warned that products are not advisable for individuals who are pregnant, have an active infection, eczema or Psoriasis. For people with these conditions exfoliators can have adverse effects but for everyone else there are some great benefits.

What are the benefits ?
Exfoliating the scalp works to remove dead skin, dandruff and excess oils that block off hair follicles.  If these issues are not resolved they can lead to hair loss.

Even though this might seem like enough… there's more!
Exfoliating improves blood circulation and flow to the hair follicles on the scalp which leads to healthier and stronger hair growth. On top of this, the natural ingredients in our products such as Himalayan salts and micronised walnut shells nourish and moisture the scalp effectively as they would the skin.