• Why Am I Losing Hair?

    What is Hair Loss ?

    A question almost ALL of us would have asked ourselves throughout our life. Hair shedding is normal, in fact on average we lose roughly 80 - 100 different strands of hair a day. This means those locks of hair you might see after an intense brush session or a wash day are usually completely normal. Hair Loss, however, occurs where there is a permanent removal from the scalp with no or little regrowth. 

  • Why Natural Remedies for Hair Care?

    The  growth of  natural and organic ingredients being used in everyday products isn't just marketing, bringing us back to our origins or negating ...
  • Why is my scalp itchy... Getting rid of dandruff... How Scalp Exfoliation Works

    So, you might have been using shampoos and conditioners consistently but still finding that they don't  fix your itchy scalp issues or dandruff issue.  Well, scalp exfoliators are the solution but what are they and how do they work?

    What is a scalp exfoliator?

    The scalp is an extremely neglected area of the head when it comes to hair care routines. The majority of individuals will assume that by washing their hair with Shampoos, conditioners and hair oils, that the scalp is well taken care of. However this is not the case!